ISLT 9471 Instructional Systems Design

Course Description: Development of skills and knowledge related to the systematic design of instruction. Emphasis is placed on content analysis, instructional strategies, and formative evaluation.
Reflection: The most important concept I gained from this class and maybe my entire degree program is the Backwards Design Process. I learned just how important it is to start your lessons with the end objective or goal in mind. After the completion of this course, I changed the way I designed my lessons. By starting with the end in mind, you can make sure you are teaching and bringing up prior knowledge that you need to make it to the end goal you had in mind. I also learned about making sure I can identify the learners needs and make the learning understandable to them so they can reach their learning potential. Not all of my students work and learn the same so it only makes sense to cater to the different learners in the group.