ISLT 9458 Technology and Assessment

Course Description: Learn how to assess specific types of knowledge, using technology to enhance the process. Explore innovative tools and means of assessment that help teachers individualize and differentiate instruction to improve learning. Develop technology-enhanced assessment of student learn.
Reflection: When I enrolled in this course I thought that I would be learning how to create assessments with technology. I learned thought that it is much more than just using technology for a test. This course showed me a lot of different tools to use in the classroom such as Quizlet and Kahoot!. This course also showed me that what I always think of as an assessment, a test, is not the only way or nessecarily the best way to find out just what my students are able to accomplish and do with the material they have learned in my classroom. Creating the performance assessment opened my eyes to just what I could do with my students and how technology could be incorporated to assess my students without the traditional paper and pencil test. The performance assessment I created is just the thing that I love and will be implenting in to my classroom to give my students the opprotunity to show thier creativeness and just what they understand about the material and how they problem solved and used critical thinking skills to produce a project that assesses what they know and understand.