ISLT 7370 Intermediate Web Development

Course Description: Development of design and web authoring skills. Interactivity through use of cgi scripts and javascript. Design capabilities using Style Sheets. Gain expertise required for the production of HTML documents incorporating these advanced techniques.
Reflection: After taking Intro to Web Development I was excited and nervous to take this course. I was excited to learn more about coding websites but I knew it would be more challenging than intro was. Turns out I was right. This course was focused more on cascading style sheets, which gives your websites its color, fonts, tables, borders, and anything else that is aesthetic on webpages. It also focused on javascript which creates any interactive piece to the website. I struggled a lot with getting my websites to preform the way they were supposed to. It was a lot of trial and error and frustrations but once I figured out how to make it work I felt a great sense of accomplishment. This course was the most fullfilling course I have taken thus far because I learned to do things I never thought I could. Things like embedding videos and songs into my webpages, creating a slideshow of pictures, and creating buttons that lead you to pictures. I do not know when I will be able to use this knowledge during my work but it cannot hurt to know how to code this day and age.

Artifact: Final Website