ISLT 9440 Learning with the Internet

Course Description: Explores the potential of the Internet to support inquiry-based learning through collaborative activities, research, and authoring/publishing. Investigates goals and strategies of online learning. Examines learning theories and models of teaching/learning in relation to selected Internet activities for K-12 students.
Reflection: I learned during this course that it is important to create authentic, meaningful lessons that integrate technology to enhance the students learning. I learned about many spaces where students could produce and collaborate on work such as wiki spaces, google, padlet, and schoology. I also learned that it is not about having teh internet teach the students for you but having the students use technology as a tool to learn at their fullest potential. Using these types of things can help the students learn more than they could in a standard lecture classroom. I also learned about personal learning network's and how they can be a crucial resource to helping teachers develop professionally. You can get new ideas and bounce your ideas off of others to gage if what you are doing in the classroom will benefit your students.