Aplus classes are the self paced computer classes here at Union. Students have to option to finish these classes early and get new classes to earn their credits back at a faster pace. Each class is given a list of lessons they must complete to pass the class. They are given a semester to do the class and I give them a pace they should stay at, usually around 3 lessons a week. I also give them pacing charts each week so students know if they are ahead, behind or right on pace at all times.

Students work on taking notes, taking a 10 questions practice test, and then a 10 question mastery test. Once they pass both they are moved on to the next lesson. I am there for supports and to help the students understand the concepts being presented to them on the A-plus system. I also have formula sheets for certain lessons, and videos of myself teaching the lessons that they are learning so that they are getting access to different explanations of the same information.

Below are some pictures of the students working on their classes, enjoy looking through them. If you have any questions, please look up to the navigation bar for my contact information.

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