Algebra 1B is my sole direct instruction class. Students are learning through actiities and foldables throught an interactive notebook.

An interactive notebook is a notebook that has all of your students work glued, taped or written in. The notebook, as you can see in the first picture is personalized for every student. They were given time to be creative as this notebook is essential to their learning. In this notebook, they have a table of contents, pages in the beginning that explain the notebook, how it works, and why we are learning this way. Every page of the notebook gets used front and back of pages and all pages will get titles so they can find information they need easier.

Students take notes in many different ways, double column notes, foldables, color coding, and sometimes just regualr notes. It can also be tideous completing worksheets all the time so rather than do worksheets everyday, we do a multitude of different activities to practice skills, all of which also gets put in the notebook.

Students are allowed to use the notebook for tests and are graded on them based on a rubric and they are also given homework quizzes to emphasize the importance of having the notebook completed.

Below are some pictures of things we do during class. Please enjoy them and if you have any questions for me, go to my contact information on the navigation bar

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