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John Ellis

OS: Windows XP & Mac OSX

Browser: IE 8.0 & Firefox 3.6

Email: zone@missouri.edu

Info: I took Introduction to Web Development two semesters ago, and that’s how I got into web designs. I used to use the MS-Notepad for html coding, so actually I don’t have much experience with Dreamweaver. To create some original web elements, I am also taking Graphic Design class now. Hopefully I could make some very professional-look websites.

Web Design Projects:

CSS Design: One of the best thing that I have learned from this class is Cascading Style Sheet. I love CSS because it enables me to style texts and to control the layout of multiple web pages at one shot. It made my life easier.

URL: http://yourwebsite.com/7370/zone_zone1.htm [Link will not work]

Designing Dynamic Effects: I have already dreamed about learning JavaScript. Finally, I had a chance to put my first step toward my dream in this class. Writing my own script from scratch is not that easy. But I found tons of examples on the web. Reviewing those examples help me get started. I just need to practice more with the code to get better.

URL: http://yourwebsite.com/7370/zone_id.htm [Link will not work]

Final Project: Okay, now I have to design a website. Let's see what I have to consider before I jump into designing a site.

URL: http://bengal.missouri.edu/~pawprint/7370/zone_final.htm [Link will not work]